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Justin Dorey
Justin Dorey


Home Mountain

Silver Star

Riding for

18 years

Justin Dorey
Justin Dorey
Justin Dorey


What is it about Vernon B.C. that produces so many rippers?

Our freestyle program is pimp. We have an airsite (super safe table-top jump) that we all sessioned a bunch growing up, so that's where we learned all of our tricks. There was also quite a tight knit freeskiing community, which was sick because there was always somebody to shred with. Keep an eye out for the next wave of Vernon kids coming up.

What's the first trick you learned?

Probably an iron cross. I saw some kid do one when we were around 10 and I just freaked out. It took me a while but I finally figured out how to do an Iron cross. Then came the mute grab, then the 360, then it all took off from there.

The last trick you learned?

Ally-oop Rightside Flat 7 in the halfpipe.

The next trick you'll learn?

How to grab my skis better.

You're well known for being one of the first guys to throw double flips in halfpipe comps. What's next in the progression of pipe skiing?

Well, there are a ton of different double flips that are possible in the pipe. People will be working on those over the next few years but I also think there will be some new axis' created too.

Who are your skiing heroes?

Dave Crichton, Pep Fujas, Tanner Hall

Heroes outside the sport?

Travis Rice & Shawn White

The worst trend in skiing in the past 5 years?

The beef between skiers and snowboarders and doo rags.

Tell us more about Voleurz and your involvement with them.

Voleurz is a clothing/video company that our friends started. I met all the dudes through Joe Schuster because his bro was one of the guys who started it. I'm not sponsored by them, I'm just friends with all the Voleurz crew. Check out their new movie, Outdoor Graduation.

Future plans?

Probably shred a bunch of pipe for a few more seasons then start competing in some slope contests and try and film some segments.

Favorite Kombi Product