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Roz Groenewoud
Roz Groenewoud

Calgary, AB, but I currently live in beautiful Squamish, BC attending Quest University Canada

Home Mountain

Whistler Blackcomb and Castle Mountain

Riding for

I started skiing when I was 4, moved to a non-skiing country (Ecuador) when I was 8 and relearned to ski when I was 13 and I've been competing for the past four seasons.

I'm really excited about next season. The past season I mainly focused on pipe but near the end of the season I did a slope event and a big air event. It made me remember how I love hitting big jumps! This year, I'm going to do as many slope and big air events as I can. I'm excited that the Dew Tour is going to have complete female skiing events. Last year we were just an "exhibition" but we proved that we were worth watching and we will now be the real deal! And there will be two X games--Aspen and Tignes! Awesome year coming up for freeskiing events!
Roz Groenewoud
Roz Groenewoud
Roz Groenewoud


What's the first trick you learned?

360s. To this day, they were the most difficult trick to learn.

The last trick you learned?

360 to sw540 in the pipe.

The next trick you'll learn?

I'm working on unnatural spins on jumps and in the pipe.

You've been traveling to a bunch of comps the past two years. What's been your favourite place to visit?

Japan. Though there are favourite things about so many other places.

Who are your skiing heroes?

Candide Thovex, Sarah Burke, David Crichton, Justin Dorey

Heroes outside the sport?

All the female athletes, musicians, artists, and scientists who are pushing themselves and the boundaries.

Tell us more about the Canadian Halfpipe team and your involvement with them.

Our coach and mentor, Trennon Paynter, started the team with some members of the Alberta Halfpipe Team: Mike Riddle, Matt Hayward and me, along with Sarah Burke who had been doing some training with us. After the team was formed, we voted to add Justin Dorey (who had to think long and hard about whether he'd want to train/travel/ski with so many Albertans… kidding!).

We have become a family of friends who love to ski. Matt Hayward has decided to take a break from competitive skiing so we decided to replace him with another awesome skier who was also named Matt to make it easy for us to remember (Matt Margetts). From time to time, we really like to have other Canadian skiers train/travel with us, like Dania Assaly. We all believe Halfpipe skiing will become an Olympic sport and want to all stand on the podium for Canada.

What else is interesting about you?

I'm a ninja with a graphing calculator. Attending and dancing at live music concerts/festivals is my favourite down-time activity.

Want to thank anyone while you're here?

Shoutouts to Justin, Trennon, Mike, Sarah, Matt, Dania, my parents, Luke, Veronique, Rob & Consuelo, my friends, Jimbo Morgan, and my sponsors: Kombi, Electric Visual, Spyder, Rossignol, Bula, Skullcandy.

Favorite Kombi Product

The RozG glove, of course! It's an awesome pipe glove as it is thin and light-weight. It has my two favourite designs--roses and zebra print (I explain why in my blog). My original design was purple but the glove is also produced in red, aqua blue and pink (the purple is still my favourite)