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Chris Turpin
Chris Turpin

Red Deer, AB

Home Mountain



February 9th, 1980

Riding for

10 years

Chris Turpin
Chris Turpin


Who are your skiing heroes?

Everyone who makes it through a session in one piece

Heroes outside the sport?


The worst trend in skiing in the past 5 years?


The next trick you're working on?

Pulling a rabbit out of my hat.

Can you share one embarrassing and/or outrageous story about another Kombi athlete?

No, that would be wrong

You've always been on the leading edge of progression when it comes to freeskiing. Do you feel you've received due credit for it?

Umm, sure.

In your opinion, what is next in that progression?

Having fun

What's next for you?

Just plan on ripping it for the next year. I'm going to try and get into a movie and, well, just send it

Favorite Kombi Product

The all leather design is so comfy and warm!